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Given Rubenstein's strategy of using publicity as a primary tool in achieving our clients' goals, media-relations services are a critically important area in almost all of our programs. Accordingly, we have developed and maintain a vast number of relationships with key editors, writers, reporters and producers in every corner of the media world—daily newspapers; wire services; trade, consumer and business/ financial magazines; broadcast and cable television programs; local and national radio; and new media outlets. Through these contacts, we have a reputation among the media for accuracy, straightforwardness and professionalism that brings an extra measure of credibility to our interactions with the press on behalf of our clients.

Virtually every member of our staff is in daily contact with the media, pitching story ideas, offering access to expertise and commentary, responding to queries and requests for information, acting as spokespeople and generating positive exposure for our clients. As a result, our firm has tremendous insight and understanding into the way the media thinks and works.

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